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Can i tell QGtkStyle to use gtk theme, but a different font? (various linux distros)

  • hello,
    i've had this problem for a long time across different linux distros both 32 and 64 bit:
    QGtkStyle is using gtk settings correctly, theme and font. i like using pixel/bitmap fonts, but they don't render properly with qt4.

    is it possible to either:

    • tell QGtkStyle to use gtk themes, but a different font (workaround)

    • change qt font rendering, so that these fonts display correctly?

    i tried applying a different font through qtconfig-qt4 as well as editing Trolltech.conf, but as long as i use the gtk+ gui style there's no effect.

    i'm using archlinux 64bit with an openbox/gtk2 environment and qt4 4.8.4-18, but i've had this on various linux installations. it's not a biggie, but i would love to solve it eventually.



  • anybody please?

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