Is it able to controll a cilent with another cilent?

  • now i can control my client in the web page of enginio backend. But i want to communite with my client from another client, such as an android app, is it posible?

  • I'm not sure I understand your question, but let me try to answer.

    Enginio is a backend as a service (BAAS) solution which means you create a backend through the enginio dashboard and develop a Qt client application using the enginio-qt library and you can interact with your backend (e.g. store data in the cloud). Of course multiple clients can connect to the same backend and you can also use the REST API to create web applications accessing your backend.
    Android is unfortunately not supported yet, since the Android Qt port was just released as a tech preview with Qt 5.1, but we are working on making the library work on Android too.

  • Dear abecsi:
    Thanks for your answer.
    What i mean is that if client performs as an observer to the backend. If one client updated backend, the other client connected to the same backend will be notified?

  • Notifications are unfortunately not supported yet with this alpha release, but we are working on a solution for notifications.

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