Previous Declaration, GLdouble, GLintptr, GLsizeiptr

  • I am trying to compile a Qt application that was provided to me and when I do I get the following errors:

    error: conflicting declaration 'typedef double GLdouble'
    error: 'GLdouble' has a previous declaration as 'typedef GLfloat GLdouble'
    error: conflicting declaration 'typedef ptrdiff_t GLintptr'
    error: 'GLintptr' has a previous declaration as 'typedef khronos_intptr_t GLintptr'
    error: conflicting declaration 'typedef ptrdiff_t GLsizeiptr'
    error: 'GLsizeiptr' has a previous declaration as 'typedef khronos_ssize_t GLsizeiptr'

    The instructions for compiling this application said to use Qt 4.8.x with MinGW 4.4 but all I could find to download was the latest Qt (with MinGW 4.7). Could something have changed in either Qt 5.x or MinGW that caused this error?


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