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How to deal with IOCTL EV_PWR properly

  • Hello,

    We've got an IOCTL EV_PWR question here.

    We have a power button that I want mapped through what seems like the conventional Linux way of handling the event: IOCTL EV_PWR.

    Is there a way for Qt to see this event, or do we need to poll for IOCTL EV_PWR in a timer, or something like that?

    It also needs to cooperate with "normal" keyboard presses, we have a controller mapped to up/down/left/right arrow keys for instance, type of thing.

    We are targeting ArchLinux for ARM. We will probably need to update our kernel to comprehend the issue, that sort of thing. Then, plausibly, we are developing a custom event dispatcher.

    Thoughts how to approach this? Thank you...


    Michael Powell

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