The best database to use along with Qt?

  • I need to develop a desktop application that communicates with an online hosted database. Which kind of database is most suitible for this or most suitible for Qt in general?

    I like the database to be easy to manage, but if there is one that isn't that easy to manage but is very suitible for using with Qt then I would consider it anyway.

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    there is no spcific answer to this question. It always depends on many factors...

    Since most webhosted servers use mysql you can go with it. Since you don't have any specific technical requirements you should be fine with mysql. There are many pages in the web about Qt and mysql... you may want to check it out.

  • You can choose almost any of the DBs supported by Qt, as the handling is common for all of them:

    Available Drivers:

    I'd suggest to use MySQL or PGSQL, because I used them before, which might not be an argument for you ;)

  • OK, thanks for the replies so far. If I use MySQL then I can stick to my current hosting provider, so I will start of with that.

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