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Strange behavior with delegate Item's position in a GridView

  • Hello all,

    I want to create a GridView that displays a wall of pictures.

    I am currently trying to set an overlay on each picture : picture is a delegate item from a GridView.
    Further in my code, a have set a Rectangle where z value is above any one (like an position:absolute in CSS) : "z: 10"

    The Rectangle shall cover 1 picture and the 2 pics on the right (or on the left, it depends on selection position). Info: I can't use mouse, only keyboard is allowed.

    The strange beahavior comes while i am moving currentIndex, browsing in the GridView ; hereunder is the Grid, you will notice the clip: true
    @GridView {
    id: sheets
    anchors.fill: parent
    cellWidth: sheet_width
    cellHeight: sheet_height
    highlight: sheet_highlight
    model: list_of_sheets
    delegate: sheet
    flow: GridView.TopToBottom
    keyNavigationWraps: false
    clip: true

    Everything is going crazy once I pass the starting list (items displayed at the very first, no browsing), once the first item disappear.

    I'm using "var pos = mapToItem(sheets, x, y);" inside the delegate ; hereunder the delegate
    @Component {
    id: sheet
    Item {
    id: sheetItem
    z: 1
    state: "s1"
    width: sheet_width
    height: sheet_height
    focus: false

    And the overlay looks like :
    @Rectangle {
    id: sheetOverlay
    width: 140 * 3
    height: 180
    color: "black"
    border.color: "#008fdc"
    border.width: 4
    opacity: 0
    z: 10

    Anything going wrong ?

    Thank you !



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