Android, IOS and Windows Phone App possible?

  • Hey,

    I started writing my Bachelor Thesis and it involves writing a cross platform App and Evaluating diffrent Frameworks for that along the way.
    The App needs to run on all 3 mobile Platforms mentioned, though Windows can be either Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 or (Windows 8 and Windows RT).
    Features I will need will include

    Camera support,
    local Storage(more then the 5 mb HTML5 cache if possible :) ),
    Some sort of encryption

    I have browsed the website for a while, but I lack some definite answers on what is and what isn't supported.
    For example the Supported Platform Page for QT 5.0 says "Qt 5 will support all leading mobile operating systems", but as far as I can tell the current Version is 5.1, so does it Support them or was it supposed to, but doesn't?
    I'd like to have QT on my Framework List, so clarification on any of the the specifics(Platform support, features...) would be helpful :).

    Thanks in advance!

  • 1 : Qt5.1 do not support winRT yet
    2 : Qt never support win phone 7
    3 : Qt5.1 do not support camera on android, but Qt5.2 will
    4 : Qt5.1 support desktops, mac, win(xp, 7, 8), linux
    5 : Qt5.1 support ios, but the part of qml2 do not support ios yet
    6 : Although Qt5.1 do not support camera of android yet, you could
    use openCV to access the camera

  • Thanks a lot, great answer :)!

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