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  • While trying to learn QML, I did a demo game. To me, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty and start coding away. So far, I found QML w/javascript simpler than Qt c++, and very pleasant to work with, and optimized for touch plataforms.

    The demo game it's about a corporation called Konia, with a factory of mobile devices in a plataform in the middle of the ocean. One day, the fire starts inside, and the explosions make the phones fly away. Luckly a small boat passes by and starts catching the phones. Be aware that some W phones, that are defective, should not be caught by the boat. Only the robust and hansome M phones are to be caught by the boat :) LOL

    Here's a "video ":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyV6M8qLLY4 and the "code ":https://github.com/joaodeus/konia

    Have fun :)

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    Good job. :)

    Another exercise would be transferring core functionality to c++. I did that for my project a year ago, there is really a lot one can learn from that: how QML works, tons of small but important tricks for conserving memory, etc.

  • Sounds nice, I'm gonna take a peek at it.

    Thanks for the code !

  • Hey,

    Your code does not compile with me, seems like "jolla_scenario.png" and "level2_factory.png" ressources are missing.

  • Hi eMixan.
    I just fix it in github, should work now. Note that you'll have to compile against Qt4.8.x I still havent upgrade fot Qt5 for the sake of portability. I remove those files because I only have one level working, I got some ideias for other levels but still havent foung the time to develop them.

    Hi sierdzio.
    While designing the game, I checked this forum for help and ended up in some of your stuff in github. You have an interesting game. Mainly, I has looking for help on how to dinamically create QML objects, eventually I did a simple approach, with static objects. You are right, there is so much to learn, technics and tricks...

    All the best

  • It works now with Qt4.8.4.


  • Needs some sharks to attack the boat and take a chunk out of your collected phones amount methinks.

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