[Solved]What is the data type of list<string> on c++ site?

  • Want to do some postprocessing on the FileUrls of the FileDialog
    id: fileDialog

        selectMultiple: true
        nameFilters: [ "Image files (*.bmp *.jpg *.JPEG *.png *.ppm *.tiff *.xbm *.xpm)" ]
        onAccepted: {            


    The signature of cpp site
    void fileProcess::print_strs(QList<QString> const &strs)
    qDebug()<<"print strs";
    for(auto const &str: strs){
    qDebug()<<"print strs : "<<str;

    QList do not map to the type of list in qml
    which type should I use?

  • I'd say, fom the name of the variable that maybe it is not the QList that is the problem but maybe the QString. Have you tried QUrl?

  • Thanks, looks like QUrl is the correct answer

  • Whatever, the document of the FileDialog and FileDialog itself are mismatch.

    filePath : string
    filePaths : list<string>

    But in Qt5.1RC, I have to use fileUrl or fileUrls to access the address of the files.Maybe this is because this is RC but not a formal release

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