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QFileSystemModel and QTreeView - strange behavior when resetting view.

  • Hello.
    I am writing small program for copying files. I use QTreeView and I have inherited from QFileSystemModel, so I was able to add checkboxes to every row in the QTreeView. I also use setNameFilters method connected with QLineEdit, so user can specify what file extensions he wants to display in the QTreeView. I have spotted the following behavior:

    1. When I run the program and enter extensions to filter (without touching any node from the QTreeView) everything works fine and files with extensions I have provided are only displayed (and folders of course). When I change the extensions and the view is refreshed, on my "C:/" drive everything is updated and only new set of extensions is displayed. When I expand some other drive that I didn't touch before, it also shows files correctly.

    2. When I run the program and expand let say my "C:/" and "D:/" drives I see all directories and files (expected behavior). Then I write some extensions and the view is refreshed. I expand "C:/" drive and everything works fine, only files with extensions I have provided are displayed. Then I go to "D:/" drive and here is the problem. It displays all files. It ignores the filters I have provided. When I open the "E:/" drive that I have not opened before, the files are filtered correctly as in "C:/" drive.

    I have concluded, that this behavior has something to do with setRootPath method, because for my QTreeView only in "C:/" drive the filters are working correctly. All other drives that were expanded before change of filters don't work. Those not expanded work just fine.

    The question is: How to get this working, so after user changes the filters and reset() method is fired, the whole QTreeView is refreshed and not only root path and not-expanded elements? Maybe there exists some root path that have all the drives as children and it will work as expected? Or maybe I should make some virtual folder in the QTreeView called "MyComputer" and set it to be a parent for all the drives? But how to get list of all the available drives?

    I hope that what I wrote is clear for you and you can help me to get this working.

  • I have posted it on and i got the answer.

    The path shouldn't be "C:/", but "My Computer". @model->myComputer().toString();@

    It solves the problem. I have posted the answer here, because maybe someday someone will have the same problem and he will get here looking for help.

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