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QT5.1.0 RC1 - WebKit / OpenSSL Question

  • I'm trying to get SSL support added to a Win32 project using 5.1.0 RC1. I've followed a lot of random posts and ended up compiling Qt myself but with no luck (it built, but QsslSocket::supportsSsl() still return false).

    I've built OpenSSL myself, I've built Qt myself using configure -openssl -I <OpenSSL Include path> -L <OpenSSL Lib path>

    Additionally I noticed that WebKit didn't build and there was no -webkit configuration option like was suggested for previous versions.

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong here, but tried what I could find (probably making the task harder than it needs to be I'm sure). I'd really appreciate some direction in getting SSL support in a 5.1.0 App.

    My Environment is MSVC 2012, help is greatly appreciated :)

  • Any suggestions? Is there a step-by-step for adding SSL to 5.1 from an MSVC package perspective?

  • I have the same problem.

    Please help us!

  • Me too!

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