Assistant 4.8.4 causes X to freeze

  • Hi,

    forgive me if this has been solved already, but I was unable to find a similar issue.
    Environment is OpenSUSE 12.1 64bit (fluxbox/KDE) with Qt 4.8.4.
    We start an instance of assistant from our application using QProcess::start with remote control enabled and give a collection file as a parameter.
    So far so good, everything looks OK.
    If we then close our application before assistant, X freezes up. Closing assistant before the application is OK.
    This was not an issue in 4.7.3 (or 4.8.2).
    It seems the issue is partially due to a change in remotecontrol.cpp:193, a return replacing a break in the cmd handling loop. I'm guessing the freeze occurs as a result of main window raise or activateWindow. Reverting only partially fixes the issue, X doesn't freeze up, but assistant now runs at 100% CPU.
    This is not an issue on Windows.
    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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