Having problem with showing the forms Of a Qvector Members

  • I have A class Named "Student" !
    I have a Q Vector From Student class
    Now I want To show the form of the 2nd Student in my vector !
    but when it shows It is empty , it doesn't show things the thing in the Ui
    What should I do ?! Douse it even can happen ?!?! Or it is not possible in Qt
    This is My Code :

    ///////Sign in things !
    int index = StudentSearch(User);
    Student* at = StHead->data();
    if (at[index].GetPass() == Pass)
    emit Hide_StuLog();

  • Its difficult to see how you are using the QVector from you code snippet!
    You would have something like:

    // QVector of pointers to "student"s
    QVector<student *> studentVect;

    // Add to your list (in a very noddy/example way):
    student s1;
    student s2;

    // Now read them back:
    for (index = 0; index++; index < studentVect.size())
    // or

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