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[Solved]How do ministro work?

  • Do you have a chart to show the work flow like openCV?

    The android apps use openCV will download the openCV manager if needed
    then openCV manager will download the require libs

    What about ministro?Do we have to ask the users to download ministro manually?
    Or it would download automatic like the openCV manager?Thanks

  • It will ask the user if he wants to download ministro, then it opens the google play store like on opencv. So yeah, its the same. Good thing in ministro is that it doesnt download all libs, only the ones needed for the software. Bad thing is that you need an internet connection if the app needs new libs.
    I also recommend not to use it with qt5.1. The libs seem to be inconsistent

  • Thanks for your help.

    [quote author="Moster" date="1371665331"]I also recommend not to use it with qt5.1. The libs seem to be inconsistent[/quote]

    This could be a big problem, maybe after the formal release of Qt5.1
    the libs could become consistent.

  • Seems like its ok now. I tried some of the examples and they work now. So finally the apps are small :P

    edit: at least most of them are better now, not all

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