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Running a Qt Embedded program in a window

  • Hello Qt world ;D

    I was wondering: Is it possible to run a Qt-Embedded program in a window as if it were a normal GUI program in Linux? I have deployed my Qt-Embedded program onto the embedded device (It's a beaglebone black). I am running Angstrom linux, and in the /home/root directory there is my program 'Beagle3' . When I type ./Beagle3 right now I get errors telling me to use the -qws options. Then I run ./Beagle3 -qws and it seems to run the program, but it's not displaying it. I know that this is the correct procedure to run the embedded program if X is not running, but I want to open the program in X in a window.

    Are there run options that would allow me to run it as a normal GUI program? OR: Is there a way I can SSH into this embedded device and run this program in a Gui on THAT computer? That would be ideal =]

    Thanks a million!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I assume you are using Qt 4.

    If you want to test and validate your application on your computer, the simple way is to build Qt Embedded for x86 enabling qvfb (Qt Virtual FrameBuffer).

    Then you can run qfvb and tell your application to start using it.

    Hope it helps

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