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Fail to running .exe in another computer (Windows XP) even with all DLL

  • Hello,

    I am trying to execute a simple single button pressed example.
    I have a executable that works in my machine, which has the Qt Creator installed.
    I am using Windows XP sp3, Qt 5.0.2 and I used dynamic building.

    When copy the release folder to other windows xp,
    I put all the asked dll, after each fail.
    Now, no message box are shown and nothing happen.

    How to run a .exe portable to another PC (Windows xp) ?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Please, have a look at the "deployment documentation":

  • I can't execute the following instruction:

    bq. cd C:\path\to\Qt
    configure -static <any other options you need>

    My path E:\Qt\Qt5.0.2 don't have any executable file that run the instruction above

  • crickey!... are you trying to go the "static" build route?, that might be over-kill if you simply want to get an .exe to run on a different PC.

    I (and a few others) have recently been through these troubles and usually it comes down to getting the correct .dll in your release folder as you have already attempted.

    Have you tried to use the dependency walker tool (link provided in the doc-link by SGaist)? - this may shed more light on your missing .dlls if there are any.

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