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[SOLVED] No compiler can produce code for this Qt version?

  • I've just installed a Qt 5.1 RC build to give Android development under Windows another go. But it seems there is something wrong with the Creator that is shipped, I get error icon on the "Qr 5.1.0 for Android armv7" version, telling me that "No compiler can produce code for this Qt version. Please define one or more compilers."

    I've got mingw 4.8 that came with the RC build (so it should work), but the error persists even with it selected for the kit.

    Any ideas?

  • Found the problem - I've checked the "android" sdk and ndk settings and they appear to have transferred from the previous version of Qt. But I wasn't getting all the compiler entries, so I set the sdk and ndk path anew and that fixed the missing compilers.

  • I had a similar situation, and found that updating my ndk solved the issue.

  • I'm having the same problem. Just downloaded and installed all Android tools anew. Where do you configure Qt Creator so that it sees the compiler?

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