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Benefit of groups!

  • Since Nokia created this network I wondered what the hell of groups benefit in, I found them meaning less (correct me if I'm wrong) because they are not forums and even not chat rooms so why they exist?

    I suggest to replace them with web IRC or anything more useful,

  • Hi,

    the idea behind the groups is that you CAN have group forums or wikis (e.g. for different languages). The main forum should stay in English, but the Chinese group has an own forum, the German group also. The same applies for wikis (e.g. there is a German Wiki).

  • Chinese can ask for a forum or create Wiki in their language so what the benefit of Chinese groups?! I'm still missing the point!!!

  • It also works as a way to show your affiliations, your interests.

  • I notice low participation in some Qt groups. I think ultimately that email, forums and IRC see the bulk of discussion activity and groups in general (even Google ones!) just don't catch on as much. I wonder if that's been analyzed...

  • I'm new to here and not yet joined with any group.

    If anyone can detail pros and cons of grouping it is very helpful for Qt kids like me.

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