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Qt Creator Editor Includes

  • Hi,

    I'm using Qt for the first time, trying to use a OpenSource project.

    The project is compiling fine and outputing a binary as expected.

    Unfortunally, when navigation in code Qt includes are not resolved, for example for
    #include <QtGui/QWidget>

    When I'm put my mouse over I get an error message "no file or directory of this type", and thus I have no autocompletion.

    Can anyone give me the trick ?

  • welcome to devnet

    Do you have something like

    QT += core network

    In your .pro or do you have a .pro at all?

  • Yes,

    I Have

    QT += svg
    QT += opengl
    QT += network*

  • Do you use Qt 5 as someone noted in the tags?
    Or are you still with Qt 4?

    In case you use your open source with Qt5, are you sure that someone has it already migrated to Qt5?
    There are a few things to do when migrating from "Qt4 to Qt5.":

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