Qt 4.8.0 SegFault on App Startup

  • I am using Solaris 10 x86 and compiled Qt 4.8.0 with GCC 4.7.1 (which I also compile for Solaris). When I run an app that is dynamically linked against the Qt I compiled, I can make the application core during startup. If I change directories into the location of my binary, the application runs fine. If I used the full path to start the application, the application will segfault on startup. It looks like it is passing the full name of the application (argv[ 0 ]) and eventually coring in QString. The line in QString where it cores is here:

    This is just inside a QT_ALWAYS_HAVE_SSE2 block. Does this mean SSE2 is not supported on my OS. Also, if I compile Qt without SSE2 should I also disable use of other SSE versions (i.e. SSE3, SSE4, etc...)?


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