Embedded webkit application running slow

  • We are trying to build Qt based small browswer sort of application for our device. during this process we happend to build and run Qt/demo/browswer application which comes with Qt src, and we are experiencing terrible slow behavior.

    application is highly un responsive,when scroll using mouse it scorlls a bit after almost in two min, when we click any link it comes after a min and during that rendering process you can not do any thing.

    when we go to any little heavy site like cnn.com it crashes.

    Any Idea what could be wrong with this demos browswer?? what should I looking for to fix this ?? i am clue less at the moment.

    We tested other webkit based browser on same device and that works good.

  • Can you ask the question with detail about platform and version in which you are creating ?

    Maemo or Symbian device ?

  • Qt 4.7.0 On BeagleBoard Linuxangstrom

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