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Phonon Video Player : Can not play videos with a size of more than 1 GB

  • I am trying to play rawvideo(not compressed) in HD 1920x1080 with Phonon VideoPlayer. It works if the videos size are small (1Go) but if not the player crash.
    I check the buffering process and only around 2Mega of datas are send to the buffer.
    With my videos size, I need to send more datas in the buffer(buffer size 8 Go). The problem is that I don't know how control the process.
    Do you think it can be link with the backend I use?
    I install DirectX and Directshow but I can't configue it. Do you know if it's possible?
    I don't even knows what's the backend I use in phonon. Where can I find the information?

    Tanks in avance

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