Linker cannot find "visual.obj"?

  • I recently downloaded Qt 5.0.2 for Visual Studio 2012. I can compile and run most of the included examples, save for the OpenGL-based ones (how do I fix that, BTW?), but I am trying to compile Tiled ( and I get a linker error. I've done quite a bit of searching here and on Google and cannot find a reference to that linker error. For that matter, I cannot find any references to "visual.obj". I have even done a thorough search of both of my hard drives and "visual.obj" doesn't exist on my machine. If this was a Visual Studio error, I would be having problems with Visual Studio, and I'm not, so I guessing this is something related to Qt. I thought it might be an issue with Tiled, but there is no reference to "visual.obj" anywhere in the Tiled source or projects.

    What is going on and how do I fix this?

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    Did you have also a look for any other file with visual.* in the folders of your example?
    visual.obj is probably a compiler output and you need to locate how to generate. Scan the makefiles.

  • I uninstalled Qt for VS 2012 and installed the version with MinGW and it compiled fine. This is something to do with Qt and Visual Studio.

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    Good to know that you have a solution.

    However, it is not a general Qt with Visual Studio issue. The obvious guess is it has something to do with the combination with the 3rd party project. Possibly some specialization MSVC in the makefile(s).

  • I am also running into this problem. I am confused on how to solve this problem. Would it be possible to give an example?

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