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Replacement for QX11Embedwidget and Container in Qt5

  • Hi,
    I would like to know few details about Qt 5 as we are planning to migrate to Qt5.
    We have several applications whcih are developed in Qt 4.8 using QX11EmbedWidgets and a main application which act as a container(developed using QX11EmbedContainer) for all these apps.

    Now we would like to have the same with Qt5.

    Can somebody explain whether Qt5 supports QX11Embedwidgets and Container as they are in Qt4.8 or they are changed in Qt5.

    I only need to know the replacement of QX11EmbedWidgets and QX11EmbedContainer in Qt5 so that i can launch my application with minimal changes.


  • Can somebody let me know where to find the difference between Qt 4.X and Qt 5.0.

    I cheked in include directory of Qt5 , but i could not find any X11 related stuff there , probably it is presnet under different name or location.

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    The x11 specific stuff has been move to qtx11extras (you can find it on gitorious)

  • Thanks SGaist,
    I have cheked that already and only i could find was below.


    I am looking for embedwidgets and container related stuff.

  • To my company is the QX11EmbedWidget also important - no transfer of this class foreseen?

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    You should maybe ask on the mailing list, you'll find more developers/maintainers there. This forum is more user oriented.

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    Edit: removed, there as been a double posting.

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