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Building Qt 4.8.4 commercial with Webkit runs out of memory or crashes on link

  • I am building Qt 4.8.4 with Webkit using Visual Studio 2005. My Windows 7 machine has 8GB of RAM. The build either runs out of memory linking Webkit or it outright crashes the linker. I don't have the error message because this time the linker just crashed. Help is greatly appreciated.

    The configure line used to configure the build is:

    configure -shared -commercial -platform win32-msvc2005 -debug-and-release -webkit -webkit-debug -phonon -phonon-backend -sse2 -mp -audio-backend -script -nomake demos -nomake examples

    The following generates either an out of memory error (seen 3 or 4 times) or a crash in the linker:

    Generating Code...
    link /LIBPATH:"c:\code\Qt\4.8.4-experimental\qt-everywhere-commercial-src-4.8.4\lib" /LIBPATH:"c:\code\Qt\4.8.4-experimental\qt-everywhere-commercial-src-4.8.4\lib" /NOLOGO /DYNAMICBASE /NXCOMPAT /DEBUG /DLL /MANIFEST /MANIFESTFILE:"tmp\obj\debug_shared\QtWebKitd.intermediate.manifest" /VERSION:4.93 /OUT:............\lib\QtWebKitd4.dll @C:\Users\goodridg\AppData\Local\Temp\nm2AE2.tmp

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