Tupi Mobile 1.0: First version for Android

  • Hello guys! I’m really pleased to introduce you my first Qt + Java mobile app:

    It is GPL-licensed, so in case you want to know how it works, you can check out our public source code repository:

    Regards! :)

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    What is tupi supposed to do? You do not mention it here and the README.md in github does not contain any hints either...

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention it. Quoting from the first link (Google Play) of my first comment:

    Tupi Mobile is a very basic (vector) painting tool useful to create and share simple graphics from mobile devices and desktop environments in a very quick/easy way.
    This application is a FREE SOFTWARE mobile compound of http://tupitu.be, a global collaboration platform focused on 2D graphics.
    Tupi Mobile is developed using Qt & Java as programming languages and it's distributed under the terms of GPL v3.0 with the decided goal of becoming a world-wide (very open) "de facto standard" for creating & sharing 2D graphics from mobile devices around the globe in a very easy and intuitive way.
    This project is developed by Mae Floresta company.

    PS1: This is a little example of what you can do with Tupi Mobile -> http://tupitu.be/m/WYxYH3
    PS2: I will add some describing content into the README.md file too. Thank you for the recommendation :)

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