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QT Creator 2.7.1 crash on CentOS release 5.4

  • Hello,

     I am new to QT. I am using CentOS and try to install QT and QT creator from source code. The compiling and installing sounds successful and I can load QT Creator. But when I try to use it it crashes every time. The message is segmentation fault.
     The source is open source version QT 4.8.4 and QT Creator 2.7.1. Successfully compiled with gcc 4.1.2. Installed locally (using ./configure -prefix local_dir) for both. Set QT path using setenv. 
     The QT creator can be loaded, but it crashes whatever menu you click except for reading its documents.
     Download the source and compile again, the result remained the same.

    Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  • Moderators

    Update your GCC! 4.1.2 comes from the bronze age :) Otherwise, it should work, especially when you compile yourself. You can try compiling a newer release from git, but 2.7.1 is - in my experience - rock solid.

  • Thanks a lot Slerdzlo. Updating GCC is a little scary to me since not sure how would it affect other stuff with my Linux. But I wil try and update the post.


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