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[solved]":-1: error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options." despite having the compiler

  • Hello,

    I have been beating around this for a couple of days, but to no avail. I am total newbie to Qt.

    Details of usage:
    PC: Windows XP
    Qt Creator: qt-windows-opensource-5.0.2-msvc2010_32-x86-offline.exe
    msvc: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributor - 10.0.30319
    I also have msvc 2008 express installations.

    Don't have anything like Qt SDK.

    I tryouts in Qt:
    Went to Options-Build and Run - Compilers: Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 9.0(x86) is auto-detected.
    Went to Options-Build and Run - Kits: Desktop Qt 5.0.2 MSVC2010 32bit (default) is auto-detected, BUT with a red mark. When I hover around the red mark, it shows: Error: No compiler set in kit. The compiler field is blank. I click on Manage and it goes to compilers tab. Then I select the auto detected Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 9.0(x86) compiler, Apply +OK.
    When back to kits tab, it still shows the same error.

    What am I missing? What am I supposed to do?

  • Moderators

    You need MSVC2010 (no redistributable package is not enough) installed to use Qt compiled with MSVVC2010.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    by MSVVC2010, do you mean: 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional', 'Visual C++ 2010 Express'.

    Can you please name the exact Microsoft product that I have to download?

    Sorry for asking dumb questions. I am newbie to both Qt and Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Preferably, a freeware. Right now, MinGW is ruled out.

  • Moderators

    Visual C++ 2010 Express is ok. If you have the money, you can go for Professional, but that is not necessary for compiling Qt stuff.

  • OK. Thank you!

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