Trouble in Deploying QT quick application on Symbian device(N97 mini)

  • Hello friends
    I tried the flicker demo example in my newly installed latest qt creator rc version...the app runs good in simulator..but when i connected my device and tried it to run on my n97 mini..its giving the following errors

    1.\NokiaQtSDK\untitled\UNTITLED_0XE23549D9.MMP:65: warning: SYSTEMINCLUDE path "\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\include\domain\osextensions\loc\sc" not found

    2.C:\NokiaQtSDK\untitled\moc\moc_qmlapplicationviewer.cpp:12: error: #error "The header file 'qmlapplicationviewer.h' doesn't include <QObject>."

    3.\NokiaQtSDK\untitled\UNTITLED_0XE23549D9.MMP:-1: error: cpp.EXE failure.

    please help me out friends


  • Just check in the N97 mini that all the required QT packages are installed(if possible install the latest ones)

  • hey krishkn,
    Now i am getting one error as QDeclarative.dso file missing...tell me what to do

  • hv u installed QML viewer as well ?

  • Well the errors you gave occur before the device is even used so this has nothing to do with symbian/n97 mini.

    Your errors:

    1. This isn't an error.
    2. This is an error: Try including QObject in the header as it asks?
    3. Fix 2.

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