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Which QT installation am i supposed to download?

  • Ok, so i tried installing the QT 5.0 creator from the downloads section for windows 64 bit. but i noticed it was different from the video tutorials ive watched. So i got a hold of QT SDK 1.2.1 from the nokia website. I am wondering whats the difference between them? Am i out dated?

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    The Qt SDK from Nokia is currently outdated. You're right with QtCreator and Qt 5 from the Qt Project site.

    The SDK was made in the time Nokia owned Qt. But that has changed, now Digia owns Qt. IIRC (but I may be wrong) a new SDK is on it's way but it is future talk.

  • it depends what you are up to.
    If your target is developing for a Nokia phone, you probably have to stick with the Nokia SDK, IIRC.

    Developing for windows and other OS, the downloads from this page are best, since up-to-date.
    The packages at the top of the download page are a bundle of Qt libs 5.0.2 and Qt creator 2.7.0 at the moment. AFAIK they are considered as a substitute for the older Nokia SDK.

    Note, the difference of versions between Qt libs and Qt creator. AFAIK, the creator V2.7.0 is using also the Qt libs V5.0.2. You may update just the Qt libs (or even use older ones) with this creator version. However, beware that the accompanying Qt libs shall not be confused.

  • Thanks. I noticed how with the 1.2.1 SDK i have the option to create a "Qt gui application" just like how the tutorials have it. on the download from this website, it doesn't give me an option for that. unless i am missing something. sorry if im asking noobish questions. I'm still trying to get on my feet with this haha

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    You need to add you newly installed Qt to the Qt versions known to QtCreator (Options, Build & Run, Qt versions)

    Then look in the Kit tab and add one with your newly configured Qt

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