Icon to Action issue in Ubuntu environments

  • Hello all,
    My system is Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit machine with LXDE, XFCE, Gnome2 and Cinnamon desktop environments.

    I have a basic application with toolbar and right-click context menu. Actions are set from the UI in Action Editor. Those actions are used for toolbar and also in right-click context menu. What I want is some icons on those Actions. I have used QStyle StandardPixmaps


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    and also used setIcon() method for my icons.

    The problem I have is when I implement and check in LXDE environment as well as on Windows 7 machine, that icon is displayed both in the toolbar and the right-click context menu. However, the same code in Gnome/XFCE environment, that icon is invisible in the context menu. It displays correctly in the toolbar.

    Is this a problem with the OS or Qt? Help needed seriously.


  • Maybe in Gnome, context menus don't display icons. Some subtle features (separators in menu bars, icon placement) are plattform dependant. Why don't you check if there's an icon in a context menu in any other application for gnome. It would be usefull to compare an app that you know HAS icons in othes styles.

  • Yep.. you are right. Some environments dont have right-click context menu icon.

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