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[Suggestion] Remove group forum from "posts since last visit"

  • Unless another solution is already in the works to allow users to filter out posts in other languages from the "posts since last visit" view I would suggest that a very quick fix would be to just remove "group forum" threads from the view.

    It could also work as an incentive for people to visit the group page.

    As now I have to either open and close every thread (even the ones that I can't understand a word) so I can reset the view. It is becoming every day harder to go trough the list looking for threads that I may want to join. Going to each of forums that I may be interested is not practical either.

    I think any enhancements on this "posts since last visit" view will be more than welcome. It has always been my landing page.

  • On some groups the group forum is just a link to a "main" forum (e.g. the Windows, Linux, Qt Creator groups). These would fall out too. That would be only useful if it is on a per forum base, not on "all group forums".

  • fcrochik You should begin use search on the forum, many your suggestions already discuss here one-two weeks ago.
    About group filtering in forum search "here":

  • One more suggestion is there should be two categories like :

    (1) New post (Unanswered)
    (2) Today's Post

  • [quote author="qtrahul" date="1293599929"]One more suggestion is there should be two categories like :

    (1) New post (Unanswered)
    (2) Today's Post[/quote]

    1. is already there look at the top right corner of the main forum page.

    2. There no specific link, but once date wise sorting feature is added, this would be taken care of.

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