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Low FPS when integrating QTwith worldviz Vizard (Third party library based on OSG) on multiple display system

  • First I want to explain a bit the system we are using.
    We have 8 projector rear projection system with projection arranged in 2X4 grid like this

    P P P P
    P P P P

    Top row is handled by one QuadroPlex 7000 and second row by other QuadroPlex 7000.

    1. Low FPS with QT-> I am using Qt with worldviz vizard (Third party library based on OSG . I have created a QmainWindow and created a new widget and set the vizard graphics context between that new widget and set that widget as central widget of QMainWidget.

    When I am running the application in fullscreen mode, the FPS in 2D is 15 and in 3D is 30. Thing is if I resize the window so that the window is only in top projectors region ie. I decrease the height and take window in upper projector row region, the FPS is 60. Also lets say window is partially in upper row and partially in bottom row then also FPS is 15 and 30. In short, if any part of window is visible in bottom row projectors FPS decrease to 15 and 30 else it stays 60.

    Also if I run the vizard without Qt, everything runs fine.

    Also, If I remove all the menus and dockWidgets from the Qt (vizard is set to centralWidget of QmainWindow), It runs fine. So when the Qt is visible, the FPS goes down but we have another application using OSG and Qt, it runs fine. I have tried that.
    So problem is when I run my vizard application with QT on multiple display system.

    Any help..

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