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Using Qt SCript Debugger

  • Hello!

    I am having some trouble to figure out how to use the Debugger features.

    Currently I am importing some extensions by using the "importExtension" named with underscored notation init.js

    Now in the script code, which I am evaluating and using the Debugger, I am using a function defined in the previous imported file.

    Now everything runs ok up to this point, when I try to "step into" the function defined in the extension I am just seeing in the debugger console that it just displays the line number of the code that is running from the extension file.

    Also under the Stack widget of the Debugger I can see in level 0 the extension file which contains the code I am trying to debug and on level 1 my current script code I am evaluating.

    So can anyone give some hints regarding this topic :(

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