QAbstractVideoSurface vs QGraphicsVideoItem Performance as a viewfinder surface?

  • I was wondering what the difference between the two are, besides the obvious
    QCamera can use either as a viewfinder

    void setViewfinder(QGraphicsVideoItem * viewfinder)
    I would suspect that the QGraphicsVideoItem inherently uses the scene graph.

    Where as the QAbstractVideoSurface would use the rasterizer.
    void setViewfinder(QAbstractVideoSurface * surface)

    I am currently trying to optimize my camera pipeline.
    I know that QQuickPaintedItem will allow faster rendering of the surface
    if I use a FramebufferObject instead of a QImage.

    Anyways anyone know about this topic, I know it maybe unlikely but its worth a shot asking, thanks. Also let me know if there are any misconceptions in my understanding.

  • Okay turns out they are mutually exclusive from what I can tell from the class references because one doesn't actually give us access to frames.(GraphicsVideoItem) i am guessing with the GraphicsVideoItem path way I would not be able to use the QQuickPaintedItem ? I notice that GraphicsVideoItem has paint(QPainter * painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem * option, QWidget * widget = 0)

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