• hello everyone, I have no experience in serialization. I have a problem like:
    This is my
    struct plane
    int id;
    int size_az;
    int size_dal;

     int amplityda;
     double speed;
     QList <int> k_x, k_y;
     QList <int> k_az, k_dal;


    QList <plane> all_plane;

    I need to serializ and deserializ all_plane, use the file.
    Please help me.
    I need an example step by step.

    [[merged all serialization threads, Tobias]]

  • Hi, hope this can help you ...

    @#include <QtCore>
    #include <QApplication>
    #include <QHash>
    #include <QFile>
    #include <QDataStream>

    #define PATH "./file.dat"

    int main()

    //create a dictionary
    QHash<QString,QString> dict;
    dict["project.owner"] = “owner”;
    dict["project.version"] = “0.10.0″;
    QFile file&#40;PATH&#41;;;
    QDataStream out(&file);   // write the data
    out << dict;
    //setting new a value
    dict["project.owner"] = “new”;
    //update the dictionary;
    QDataStream in(&file);   // read the data serialized from the file
    in >> dict;
    qDebug() << “value: ” << dict.value(”project.owner”);
    return 0;


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    Please use coding tags with your code, without it's difficult to read it.

    You can achieve this by implementing QTextStream or QDataStream for both your struct plane and your QList<plane>

  • QDataStream has automatic serizalization of base types.

    Create custom write and read operators.

    QDataStream & operator << (QDataStream & out, const plane & obj)
    out << << obj.size_az << ...

    out << obj.k_x.size();
    foreach (int v in k_x) {
       out << obj.k_x.v;


    return out;


    QDataStream & operator>>(QDataStream & in, plane & obj)
    out >>;
    out >> obj.size_az
    out >> ...

    int cnt; out >> cnt;
    for (; cnt > 0; cnt--) {
       int v; out >> v;
    return in;


    Example usage.

    @QFile file("file.dat");;
    QDataStream out(&file);

    plane thePlane;
    out << thePlane; //to write
    out >> thePlane; //to read

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