Trouble making search bar for browser

  • Hello!
    I am new to Qt and programming in general. If this thread is in the wrong section, just let me know.

    Ok, so basically I have been working on my own homemade browser, and I have encountered a snag. I have googled and searched all over, but I can't really find a good answer.
    The problem is that I am trying to make a search bar for my browser. When I say 'search bar' I mean a bar that you can type into that will google your query. I already have a working address bar where I can search URLs, but navigating the internet via URL is a pain! I want a bar where I can type 'cat' and it will google the term, rather than have to type in 'www.wikipedia/'

    Would someone please explain to me how I could go about making a search bar? If there is something wrong with my post, please let me know. Im trying to learn. Thanks in advance!

  • I am using Qt 5 in Ubuntu 12.04 if you need that kind of info.

  • You want the same search bar as in other browsers like opera, right? If you type something, the google page with results will be shown?

    There is two possible solutions:

    1. simply open URL with search term in your browser:<your search term here>
    2. use Custom Google Search API.

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