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[Solved] Doubt on QProcess Use

  • hi,
    I have doubt regarding QProcess.start() function, If I start an external program .exe file then it will run as a Background or It will starts that application.

    For example if I start a Matlab.exe using QProcess then it runs only background of QT or It will opens the Matlab window separately

  • You could have coded a simple experiment to answer this question for yourself.

    If QProcess::start() starts something that has a GUI of its own then that GUI will be displayed. The child process stdin, stdout, and stderr are connected to the QProcess instance but they are not very useful in the average Windows GUI application.

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    Matlab will open just as usual. If you start the process by QProcess::start(), it will be bound to your app (as a child process). If you use QProcess::startDetached() it will run completely separately, just as if you have run it from - say - start menu.

  • Thank you for your reply. I tried simple program my self & I cleared my doubt

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