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Dynamic Libraries Qt

  • Hi all,

    in Windows and using dynamic link libraries. You just need to place the rights .dlls in the same folder as qt compiled .exe.

    is it possible to achive the same goal in linux?

    i tried place qt linux compiled executable with or/and and or/and and its not working.

    am i missing any other *.so ?

    is it going to work like it works in windows? or is there other way?


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    No, linux is a completely different beast. What would you like to achieve ? Application distribution ? What flavor of linux are your running ?

  • its a university work. I just want to run in my tearchers virtual machine (which is a Fedora 11).

    what should i do?


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    If you are also building on a Fedora 11 system then simply give him the executable.
    He probably already has Qt installed on his machine.

  • in the virtual machine he gave us i had to install Qt e Qt development + qt creator.

    I tried in the original version(without any modification) and the SO requested the

  • i added all .so files neeeded(, and i created a sh file with the following:


    and worked!


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    It's one way to do it. I would however recommend that you ask him if you need to provide him with only the executable or a "package" that allows to start your application on a system without Qt installed.

    I think the former would apply, but the question is worth asking.

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