SceneGraph for Qt3D in C++

  • I want to make a scenegraph with 3D primitive objects in C++ and OpenGL. I'm new to Qt, can I use QGLAbstractScene and programatically add a bunch of object on the fly to QGLSceneNode. I can't find any examples of 3D C++ scenegraphs in Qt anywhere.

    I'm confused by the documentation which covers 2D Scenegraphs and Qt Quick Scenegraphs, but I don't want to use QML and I don't want to just do 2D graphics.

    If I can avoid another learning curve with Open Scenegraph, that would also help!


  • Thanks,
    I looked at them, no scenegraphs used.

    However, just looking at Qt Creator 'Boxes' example and it uses a scene derived from QGraphicsScene and is happily rendering a 3D scene. The online Docs for QGraphicsScene only mention 2D graphics...


  • Compiled Qt3D and have it working in my projects. Now I can use QGLSceneNode and QGLBuilder happily in my projects and build my scene.

    Problem I have now on the Mac - the viewport within the main Window is only using the bottom left quarter of the whole main window. How do I make the viewport use the whole window?

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