Can't connect to SQLite DB

  • Doing my first steps in Qt Creator and lost already:

    To a basic, otherwise unchanged starting app from the Qt wizzard, I have added sql to the project file

    @ QT += core gui sql@

    and the lines below to mainwindow.cpp.
    #include <QSqlDatabase>

    QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
    bool db_ok =;@

    According to various sources here on the Qt WebSite and on StackOverflow (where nobody could help me), I had expected that this would do it. But I get a compiler error

    @../testSQL/mainwindow.cpp:20:1: error: 'db' does not name a type@

    where line 20 is the db.setDataBaseName() line.
    I have tried to find out via Google what this means and what can be done about it but the comments I found were not very useful.

    Using Qt Creator 2.7.0 (Qt 4.8.4) on Linux 3.5

  • Hi vaettchen.
    Is libsqt4-sql and libqt4-sql-sqlite installed in your system?


  • Thanks SergioDanielG - I do have the modules, drivers etc installed. This is all very confusing and, for a greenhorn like me, does look very inconcsistent.

    The odd thing is that depending how I start the project (from a sample project or plain wizzard) things seem to be different. I have partly solved the issue by prepending the command with void and other strange stuff that looks irregular to me.

    I have adapted the relationaltablemodel to use my existing sqlite file and make progress from here. I'll happily ask more questions once I understand better what I'm going at all...

    Thanks once more,

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