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Searching for the right tool/tutorial

  • Hi
    I always wanted to program some small applications, but until now I have never done any graphical programming. I want to visualize simple things like cellular automatas. This means that I got a 2D array with only 0 and 1's and I want to make a simple black(1) - white(0) picture that I can edit while my program is running. I'd use a vector<int> to store my data.

    I got no experience with Qt, but I have programmed in c++ since 2 years, mostly data processing.

    Can you tell me what tools to use or maybe a good tutorial that shows me the basics I need?

  • Hi,

    "Welcome to Qt World".
    Go "Here":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtdoc/qtexamplesandtutorials.html#tutorials for official tutorials

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