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MapObjectView is not recognised as a type

  • Hi.

    I am using QtQuick 1.0 and QtMobility.location 1.2 to show a map. I want to add images to the map dynamically using the MapObjectView but adding a MapObjectView to the Map just returns the error "MapObjectView is not a type".

    @Map {
    id: mapMovies
    center.latitude: lati
    center.longitude: longi
    visible: true
    zoomLevel: 12
    plugin: Plugin { name : "nokia" }
    anchors.fill: parent

        MapObjectView {
            id: allItems
            model: model
            delegate: Component {
            MapCircle {
                color: "green"
                radius: 300
                center: Coordinate {
                latitude: someCoordinate.latitude
                longitude: someCoordinate.longitude


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