Pop3S with SSL

  • hello,
    i start to wright my own pop3s client but i have problems to connect to the server.
    has anybody any experience with with topic or maybe a manual???? ;-)
    thanx a lot

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since it's a Qt forum, how is it related to Qt ?

  • sorry. ;-) i wanna do it with QSslSocket and C++:

    QSslSocket socket
    socket.connectToHostEncrypted(, 995)

    if (!socket.waitForEncrypted(30000))
    qDebug("Not Encrypted!");


    and i always got "Not Encrypted!".
    But with a normal openssl connection (openssl s_client -connect on the bash its no problem to login to the server. i am beginner and don't which further steps are necessary for such an QSslSocket connection.


  • If I'm right: first connection to pop3 server is not encrypted! You then should get answer from server where should be some words about possible communication protocols: SSl, TLS etc, you should tel the server which you would like to use and after that you should do handshake and so on.... But it is already long time ago I have played with this protocols...

  • i am still fighting with the POP3 SSL problem, but now i have some little progress and some more infos:

    i can connect to the pop3 server with:
    socket.connectToHostEncrypted(, 995)

    than i have following state:
    -This system supports OpenSSL.
    -ClientStateChanged(): ConnectedState
    -ClientModeChanged(): SslClientMode

    than i have 2 errors:

    • ssl error: The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate
    • ssl error: The root certificate of the certificate chain is self-signed, and untrusted

    but when i ignore these errors: socket.ignoreSslErrors(); than i got the encrypted() signal.
    (is this ignoring ok, or should i create a own certificate????)

    when i am waitting for more data from the socket socket.waitForReadyRead(15000) than this function timed out. in the normal way i get this "OK+" from the pop3 server, but here i dont get an answer from the server...

    any ideas whats wrong?

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