QtQuick Controls module not being detected properly

  • I'm using cmake as the build system which for the most part works fine. However the qtquickcontrols module gets a red highlight on the import statement and their is no autocomplete for any of the controls. They work fine however in my application.
    When I was playing around I created a Qt Quick 2 with controls project and everything works as expected there. I went looking through the files it created but I can't find anything that hints at what I'm missing in the cmake file.
    Is there something I should set somewhere to have it detect properly?

  • Same problem here. Is there a solution with Qt 5.1 and QtCreator 2.7.2? (also doesn't work with 2.8.0)

    Everything works fine when using QMake but not with CMake. Compilation/Run works fine but you cannot edit QML files in QtCreator, which defeats somewhat the purpose of QML.

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