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Qt 4.8.4 Visual Studio 2010, MOC files problems

  • Hi,

    Some information about my setup:
    I have a Qt 4.8.4 project and have recently started to use Visual Studio 2010.
    I use Team Foundation Server 2008 for source control of the project.
    I use the Visual Studio Add-in 1.1.11 for Qt4.

    I have managed to get the project to build properly in VS 2010 but I have an annoying problem:

    Everytime I create a new Qt class (Project-->Add Class-->Qt4 Classes --> Qt4GuiClass) VS2010 automatically generate the MOC files in GeneratedFiles folder. My problem is that the MOC files is also added to "Pending Changes" and the moc files are also set to "Exclude from build".

    I want to include the moc files in the build of course but I do not want to add the moc files as pending changes since I do not want to source control generated files.

    I can not find a way to exclude the GeneratedFiles folder from source control and I can also not find a way to stop VS2010 to add moc files to pending changes and set them to "Exclude from build".

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Best regards,

  • Why not using the QtCreator?
    It works really well and knows about MOC files and how to handle them ;)
    maybe it is an option for you

    kind regards

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