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Updating QListView from child dialog

  • Hi All,
    I am new to QT programming and this forum also.
    So please spare any misinterpretations.

    I have a main window application. when launched, the main application calls a function to search system drives, find particular files and update in the list view. works fine.
    i am launching a child dialog from the main window. and a task is to update the main window list view. when i am calling the main window update function to update the list view i am getting a segmentation fault.

    i am pasting the code below...
    please can i get some help on how to do it properly, or what is the error i am doing.

    myapp::myapp(QWidget *parent):QMainWindow(parent),ui(new Ui::myapp)
    // setting the model to the current dialog , value declared in header
    model = new QStandardItemModel(this);
    // function to enumerate and update volumes to list

    Void myapp::updateList()
    // function gets specific files from all the local drives and calls
    The updateListView(passing file name as parameter)

    // function to launch the dialog from main application
    void myapp:nbtnclicked()
    mydialog mdiaog;

    // function to insert the value of file into the QFileList
    void myapp:: updateListView (QString file)
    int row = model->rowCount();

    QStandardItem * item = new QStandardItem(QIcon("C:\Users\Test\Desktop\med iaa\red.bmp"),file);




    But when called from a child dialog, i.e. I am calling the updateListView(QString fie) from the child dialog, which is launched by the above main application, segmentation error is caused.

    Code I am using to call the main application function from child dialog is

    bool myDialog::updateGui(QString path)
    ((myapp*)parent())->updateListView (fileName);
    return true;

    Function is called OK, but throws segmentation error in Main Applications, updateListView()

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    Hi and welcome to devnet.

    There are several things that are wrong here:

    • you don't check that parent is valid (and in your case it won't be since you don't give a parent to your dialog)
    • you use c style cast rather than at least dynamic_cast and since it's a QObject use qobject_cast
    • you are trying to modify a parent from a children (this is bad design)

    Cleaner approach:

    • Give your dialog a getter for the path
    • Update myapp once your returned from the dialog.

    Since it's a path, I presume it's file system related, thus did you had a look at QFileDialog ?

    Hope it helps

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