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Building to iOS Devices (arm-macos-generic-mach_o-32bit)

  • OS X 10.8
    Creator 2.7.1
    Qt 5.1 Beta

    (I don't know whether this issue is with qmake, Creator, or something else. But it seemed to fit this forum best, so here goes.)

    I now have an app running properly in the iOS simulator, but Creator says my iOS device build of Qt is compiled for arm-macos-generic-mach_o-32bit which clang can't compile to. It insists that I offer another compiler for this purpose, but I don't have another compiler available (unless it wants gcc? that seems doubtful) and wouldn't know where to put it in the GUI if I did.

    My iOS build was configured as such, per and xcodebuild -showsdks:
    @./configure -xplatform unsupported/macx-ios-clang -developer-build -nomake examples -nomake tests -release -sdk iphoneos6.1@

    I don't know what other information might be useful, but I'm willing to add whatever will help.

  • This actually seems to go without a hitch; I suppose Creator is expecting to do the compilation itself, but XCode's only complaint is that my provisioning profile isn't properly set up. I'll post back here when I get that done (hopefully Tuesday).

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