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Need help to make a smooth animation

  • Hello, I am working in my first QML application and need some help with an animation. The app starts with two centered icons and, when you click on them, they are supposed to move to the top left corner of the window. I cannot manage to set the appropiate animation to make the movement go smooth. Instead I get very weird movements from the icons, they always seem to loose their square form when animating and I have tried every combination of different animations that I can think of (number animations, anchor animations, etc.). Maybe the structure of the app is wrong. I am sure you will understand what I mean if you see it. Please, if you can download the code from the link and help me, it's a small QML project. I want the size and position of the icons to move smoothly from its original position to the final one, at the top left corner, without loosing the square form of the icons during the animation.


    I will appreciate if you can send me to the right direction,


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