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Working with Javascripts and QtScriptEngine::importExtension ( const QString & extension )

  • Hello all!!

    I have working with the QtScriptEngine and I've been trying to import some javascripts extensions by using the QtScriptEngine::importExtension ( const QString & extension ) function very well.

    Now what I would like to do is the following....

    I have a extension.js file, that I can import succesfully use the functions defined there and evaluate them with the script engine and all, but now I would like to import another file from within this javascript extension.

    I don't know if this is possible...I've been checking the stuff on QML and the way of importing javascripts by using "import" and "Qt.include"
    but the thing here is that QtQuick is not available in my current implementation.

    Basically I have a function inside this extension.js file and I would like to get some information from an imported file (could a js or anything else).

    Hopefully I explained myself correctly and someone would share some knowledge regarding this topic.

    Thanks in advance!!

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